Our feet are intended to carry our body’s weight during the day. Because of that, you need to only select the shoes that are of high-quality. A shoe’s quality is particularly defined by what material is used for the shoes. For instance, leather is a breathable and natural material. Hence, it lets our feet to regulate moisture, breathe, and minimize the development of fungi and bacteria, eliminating foot odor. To provide you some reasons why you should look for healthy and quality shoes aside from an aesthetic one, read on this article: 

Quality shoes can help you save money 

If you select shoes with good quality from the start, then you can surely use it for several years to come. However, know that it still takes a lot of maintenance to make use of your high-quality shoes. To do this, you just need to keep your shoes protected, hydrated and cleaned. Refrain from using high heels all the time. Allow your shoes to breathe and, as much as possible, you shouldn’t use a similar pair of shoes 2 days in a row. If you do this, it can actually help prolong the life of your shoes. Though a high-quality shoe is on the more expensive side, you can actually save money from this over time since you won’t be needing to purchase several pairs because it is expected to last long.  

Quality shoes can prevent discomfort  

Your feet usually widens throughout the day. If you choose narrow shoes, there’s a chance that your toes will be deformed through pressure and rubbing. We need to protect our feet by wearing shoes with high-quality materials that help prevent potential inflammation and friction.  

Quality shoes can help avoid foot odor 

Other synthetic materials do not let the shoe to breathe. As a result, fungi, bacteria, and bad odor develop and proliferates. If you choose high-quality shoes, you can bid farewell to your smelly feet.  

Quality shoes help regulate foot moisture 

Throughout the whole day, our feet are locked in shoes, making it an environment that’s poorly ventilated. Leather is a breathable material that seeps in humidity as well. Leather has great quality if it absorbs moisture.  

To promote this, it’s vital to make sure that your shoes always correspond to wooden shoe trees, which contains a hygroscopic property that helps in absorbing moisture from the atmosphere. With this, it helps the humidity to be regulated. Aside from that, wood can clean the environment by keeping up optimum levels of moisture. In addition to that, it doesn’t just provide welfare but also cuts back the danger of allergic reactions or infections to restrict the occurrence of bacteria and mites.  

Quality shoes can avoid foot issues 

If you wear ill-fitting shoes for too long can possibly result in Athlete’s foot, nail or fungal infections, ingrown toenails, and corns. Eventually, more extreme issues could take place. Hence, it is important to really look for a comfortable and high-quality shoe that can suit your activities and life. If you want consultations on what you need to look for in a shoe, you can consult with our professionnels de la chaussure today.